Mantra Mondays

Hello dear readers,

Welcome to ‘Mantra Mondays’. On Mondays, I will be sharing with you the writing style of my dear friend RoyalT. He so kindly shared his writing with me and I felt it was my duty to give him his own feature because his words need to be shared with the world. Lately, I haven’t felt too inspired by anything, but his words have changed that for me. He writes from such a personal place and through his words, I felt the struggle and despair he felt at that time of trying to make everyone else happy before himself. I know, at some point in our lives, we can all relate to this. Putting people before ourselves because we feel like it’s our duty to do so. We feel that by putting others first it defines us as being “a good friend.” But sometimes, it’s okay to be a little bit selfish. To put yourself before others. Because as my dear friend says “friends don’t come with a no trade clause.”

This piece that I am about to share with you has resonated with me profoundly. Over the past year, I’ve made new friends, reconnected with old ones and lost some along the way. I think the reason for this was because I began to put myself first; began to see myself in a new light. Began to understand my own self-worth because “I was trying to keep everyone constantly happy; starting to forget about my personal sanity.” I never took time for myself. I saw life as one dimensional and as I heard RoyalT’s words spoken to me, I began to understand that I had it all wrong. I was living life based on how much money was in my bank account, complaining about going to school and work everyday and forgetting about making the memories. Because that is the true essence of life. Is making the memories that you can look back on, with the people who matter the most to you. If we constantly strive for wealth, we begin to lose ourselves along the way.

RoyalT, I cannot begin to thank you for showing me your work and giving me the responsibility to share it with the world. I am so proud to call you a friend and proud that you are finally sharing your writing with the world. You have provided me with a mantra for the week. I cannot wait to see what you present me next.

Life is a short but scary


Hoping that the bad things will never happen

To the ones you love, the ones,

you put above

All else no matter the cost, no

matter the cause don’t hesitate

no manner to pause.

‘Cause life isn’t a game still got physical laws

Remember friends don’t come with a no trade clause.


Tryna keep everyone constantly 


Starting to forget about my

personal sanity. 

Beginning to develop  a sense of


Towards the hobbies that used

to make me happy.

So I use this rapping as a stress


Works better than self-relief.

So relieved 

That I’ve got something to



In, and that myself, cause I use

people not money to measure

my personal wealth. 

And still, quality over quantity

I’m only as good as the people I keep around me

‘Cause trust is a quality that’s hard to find

To meet the same people with

the same state of mind. 

And that’s what I think life is

Emotional lonely mammals

trying to find meaning without

acting like an animal. 

Trying not to be radical while

looking for someone to help

them feel magical.

Damn, that’s what life is about

Beginning to end, everyday is a

new bout

So imma get up and square up

Go to work and turn up

I live life for the memories not

the cash to stack up. 


Happy Monday everyone! Keep your eyes peeled for most posts from me and my friend RoyalT.

All the love,


February 1st, 2016 by